Anti Terrorist Manifesto

You are being fooled!

Your stupid act of bombing yourselves in the middle of any non-Muslim crowd you find isn’t any better than a bank contract with hidden clauses.

Let me explain you why:

Even if Allah will provide you in heaven those 72 virgins that Muhammad promised you, there are some hidden issues here: Continue reading “Anti Terrorist Manifesto”

5 Steps Formula to Install a New Habit

Are you really aware of the power of your habits and their impact in your life? Let me tell you a joke:

A police officer is on duty. He is called by an informer who says that a man is visiting his wife. The cop jumps on his motorcycle and rushes home. He finds his nasty wife lying naked in bed and asks her: Continue reading “5 Steps Formula to Install a New Habit”

Age – The False Limit

Age is one of the most common motives people invoke for not stepping out of their Comfort Zone.

In most of the cases, age is not a real obstacle, but a false assumption and a convenient excuse. Fear and social programming are very real obstacles. Age is not. If you decide at 90 years old that you want to be a MMA champion, although you may train and develop the skills you need to fight in the cage, there will be no living opponents in this age category. It won’t be a good idea if you dream to become a sniper after you’ve already lost your sight, eighter. In all the other areas of personal development, age is just a number and it’s never too late do discover your vocation and monetize it. Continue reading “Age – The False Limit”


Fear is the obstacle on our way to success we are going to analyze today.

Many people are blocked by fear, and fear has many faces.

Fear it’s a natural defense mechanism, directly linked to the survival instinct. It’s natural to be afraid if you’re a gazelle chased by a lion – it triggers adrenaline that helps you run faster and increases your chances to survive.

The problem occurs when the fear works against you. An IT engineer would say it’s a bug or virus that has corrupted fear’s correct algorithm and now we have to deal with all kind of fears of no use.

Let’s take a closer look: Continue reading “Fear”

Social Programming

Social Programming

Social Programming is like a virus that has infected your mind. As I said in the previous article, some wise psychologists studied and concluded that there are 12 main obstacles on your way to finding and monetizing your vocation, and social programming is one of the biggest.

Social programming is the shampoo used to wash your brain. Washing our brain wouldn’t be a bad thing if it cleaned the wrong ideas we learned, the bad habits, the guilt and shame feelings that poison our lives. But guess what? You wouldn’t be a mild sheep anymore… Continue reading “Social Programming”

Slavery’s Heavy Chains

Slavery. Slave. Slaves.

I use these words – slave and slavery – a lot in my books, but I do it with a clear purpose. No one wants to be a slave, but most of us are, at least until we become aware, decide to take responsibility, and free ourselves.


What a wonderful word!

Isn’t your business who feeds you? Who pays your bills? How much do you earn? How is your love life? What about sex?

What’s your lifestyle? How much do you weight? Do you feel happy, and fulfilled everyday?

Do you think that you are responsible for all this things?

If not, someonelse will take care.

That’s how you become a slave! Continue reading “Slavery’s Heavy Chains”

Vocation – The Sense of Life

What’s this thing called vocation and why is everybody so eager to learn about it?

My wife told me some time ago, “You taught them that they should discover their vocation, and now they all want to do it!”

God help me! It’s the only way to escape from the rat race – that hopeless life in which you earn so little money, live in confusion and uncertainty, being other’s prade and toy.

Continue reading “Vocation – The Sense of Life”