Tomorrow is another day…

…but not for everyone.

There were plenty of retirement parties in the last years I spent on my former job. I didn’t like this kind of parties, for two particular reasons: they reminded me that I was getting older, and the more years I had worked with that fellow, the stronger the feeling was. On the other hand, I knew they were actually goodbye parties, and as I knew for sure that I might never see those people again, they give me a grim feeling of emptiness, no matter how good the wine was.

Mike retired in June. The party lasted till late at night, in spite of the mosquitos and some hundreds of calls on our mobiles from about thirty impatient wives. We had enough beer and the barbeque was great, so we didn’t bother. Continue reading “Tomorrow is another day…”

How to Get Slim and Healthy without Pills or Starvation

Health is like toilet paper – we appreciate its importance only when it’s missing.

The eaters of magic pills, cabbage soup capsules, and Chinese weight loss tea defied pancreatitis in December, getting filled with sausages, bacon and other pork products, generously accompanied with beer, wine, and vodka. Some of these brave people recklessly set the beginning of summer as the deadline for getting rid of their belly or their fat ass, and when they see that neither diet, nor sports work overnight, change their tactic to starving, Regenon, Reductil and Chinese wonder pills that are full of amphetamine. Continue reading “How to Get Slim and Healthy without Pills or Starvation”

The Tool Makes the Difference

Whatever some may say, in many situations, the tool makes the difference. First, when you now you have the proper equipment, the mood to use it comes right away. Then, when you know it won’t let you down, you’re relaxed and give your best shot. You make a big impression! Continue reading “The Tool Makes the Difference”

Early Bird Catches the Worm

The early bird catches the worm… the ending of this old saying suffered various adjustments along the time, more or less tendentious, like for example:

The early bird…

  • …has slept in the bed of other man’s wife
  • …sleeps with all the chicks
  • …takes a nap after lunch
  • …is yawning all day long
  • …drinks an extra coffee
  • …sleeps less

Appart from these funny adjustments, waking up early is one of the most effective and less obvious secrets on Time Management. We will understand the benefits of this habit while we get through the stages we need to get through to install it. Continue reading “Early Bird Catches the Worm”

Writing Whores – The Truth about Writers’ Prostitution

Writing Whores – you may think the title is purposefully brutal, or you may have a hard time understanding the notion. I’ll make it clear.

Let me ask you a question – what’s the difference between being paid for writing about a topic you don’t feel anything about, and a paid blow-job? Continue reading “Writing Whores – The Truth about Writers’ Prostitution”

Your Computer – Friend or Foe?

Well, it can be both an ally, or an enemy.

Your computer allows you to access all the information and all the education you need to become the best in your field almost for free, it’s a powerful tool you can use to create valuable content and share it to the whole world.

Though, your computer may also become your worst enemy, even worse than your television. It can get you addicted to games, Facebook, and movies and it can feed on your time and energy like a hungry parasite. Continue reading “Your Computer – Friend or Foe?”

Alpha Personality

Should I define Alpha Personality?

As I’ve said a hundred times so far, I strongly believe that we all should refuse to be ordinary, as we have the potential to be extraordinary.

I’ve created this blog, I work on my books and on my courses, because I strongly believe that all the people can have a strong self-confidence, all the people can be great communicators, all the people are able to enjoy happy relations with the opposite sex, to give and receive love and all the people can earn their wealth starting from zero.

Continue reading “Alpha Personality”

The Origin of Chains

Long before we got down from trees and started to pretend we were wiser than the rest of the mammals, those who ruled the groups, the dominant males, had invented the rules.

Those dominant males were not at all driven by the will to ensure the general harmony or the prosperity of the group, but by their primal needs – they wanted to be the first to eat, sure to be fully fed when they finished a meal, they wanted that nobody touched their women and children, they wanted that nobody dared to confront them, not to be forced to risk a fight that could cost their lives. There is no difference between those dominant males and the politicians, isn’t it? Continue reading “The Origin of Chains”

Lack of Focus vs Awesome Productivity

Lack of focus – it’s main cause is that we live under attack. We are bombarded with information from all around, we are overwhelmed. We have Facebook, Messenger, Skype, our browsers have 20 opened tabs, we have our phone and television. All these ruin your focus. 30 years ago, people were able to focus on one task for 50 minutes. Now, the average is 7 minutes, and that’s too little.

How can you create value, to work on developing your vocation and on monetizing it, if you aren’t able to focus more than 7 minutes on a task? Continue reading “Lack of Focus vs Awesome Productivity”

JOB (Just Over Broke)

Another obstacle in our way to success, closely linked to money, is a job to pay the bills.

There are many people that say, “I don’t have time to discover my vocation, to look for my natural talents or to carry out any project because I’m very busy, I have a job that takes away all my time and sucks all my energy.”

Well, there are two ways here:

Continue reading “JOB (Just Over Broke)”