Do You Pay the Stupidity Tax?

A few years ago, an article on the alcohol or heroin sedation of babies used in begging became viral on the net. The reaction I had at the time was something like, “Wow, look, somebody finally discovered the hot water!” It seemed to me a stale subject, a reality that was too well known by everyone. Wrong. I was so damn wrong! If the secrets of begging would be known by everyone, this industry based on the stupidity of the merciful would have faced bankruptcy. But that doesn’t happen. Merciful people are there, they pay the stupidity tax, then cry out that the cops don’t do their job to fight the phenomenon. Continue reading “Do You Pay the Stupidity Tax?”

Anti Terrorist Manifesto

You are being fooled!

Your stupid act of bombing yourselves in the middle of any non-Muslim crowd you find isn’t any better than a bank contract with hidden clauses.

Let me explain you why:

Even if Allah will provide you in heaven those 72 virgins that Muhammad promised you, there are some hidden issues here: Continue reading “Anti Terrorist Manifesto”