I’m Gonna Piss You Off

Yes, I’m gonna piss you off today.

I think you forgot something. Something very important.

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for a sign from God, aliens, or Saint Johnny Walker? Sit down and take a look at your life. Ask yourself, “What’s my biggest suffering? That suffering that makes my stomach shrink, my fist clench, and the rage burst?” Continue reading “I’m Gonna Piss You Off”

Vocation – The Sense of Life

What’s this thing called vocation and why is everybody so eager to learn about it?

My wife told me some time ago, “You taught them that they should discover their vocation, and now they all want to do it!”

God help me! It’s the only way to escape from the rat race – that hopeless life in which you earn so little money, live in confusion and uncertainty, being other’s prade and toy.

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