Lack of Focus vs Awesome Productivity

Lack of focus – it’s main cause is that we live under attack. We are bombarded with information from all around, we are overwhelmed. We have Facebook, Messenger, Skype, our browsers have 20 opened tabs, we have our phone and television. All these ruin your focus. 30 years ago, people were able to focus on one task for 50 minutes. Now, the average is 7 minutes, and that’s too little.

How can you create value, to work on developing your vocation and on monetizing it, if you aren’t able to focus more than 7 minutes on a task? Continue reading “Lack of Focus vs Awesome Productivity”

5 Steps Formula to Install a New Habit

Are you really aware of the power of your habits and their impact in your life? Let me tell you a joke:

A police officer is on duty. He is called by an informer who says that a man is visiting his wife. The cop jumps on his motorcycle and rushes home. He finds his nasty wife lying naked in bed and asks her: Continue reading “5 Steps Formula to Install a New Habit”