Your Computer – Friend or Foe?

Well, it can be both an ally, or an enemy.

Your computer allows you to access all the information and all the education you need to become the best in your field almost for free, it’s a powerful tool you can use to create valuable content and share it to the whole world.

Though, your computer may also become your worst enemy, even worse than your television. It can get you addicted to games, Facebook, and movies and it can feed on your time and energy like a hungry parasite. Continue reading “Your Computer – Friend or Foe?”

The Origin of Chains

Long before we got down from trees and started to pretend we were wiser than the rest of the mammals, those who ruled the groups, the dominant males, had invented the rules.

Those dominant males were not at all driven by the will to ensure the general harmony or the prosperity of the group, but by their primal needs – they wanted to be the first to eat, sure to be fully fed when they finished a meal, they wanted that nobody touched their women and children, they wanted that nobody dared to confront them, not to be forced to risk a fight that could cost their lives. There is no difference between those dominant males and the politicians, isn’t it? Continue reading “The Origin of Chains”

Lack of Focus vs Awesome Productivity

Lack of focus – it’s main cause is that we live under attack. We are bombarded with information from all around, we are overwhelmed. We have Facebook, Messenger, Skype, our browsers have 20 opened tabs, we have our phone and television. All these ruin your focus. 30 years ago, people were able to focus on one task for 50 minutes. Now, the average is 7 minutes, and that’s too little.

How can you create value, to work on developing your vocation and on monetizing it, if you aren’t able to focus more than 7 minutes on a task? Continue reading “Lack of Focus vs Awesome Productivity”

JOB (Just Over Broke)

Another obstacle in our way to success, closely linked to money, is a job to pay the bills.

There are many people that say, “I don’t have time to discover my vocation, to look for my natural talents or to carry out any project because I’m very busy, I have a job that takes away all my time and sucks all my energy.”

Well, there are two ways here:

Continue reading “JOB (Just Over Broke)”

Age – The False Limit

Age is one of the most common motives people invoke for not stepping out of their Comfort Zone.

In most of the cases, age is not a real obstacle, but a false assumption and a convenient excuse. Fear and social programming are very real obstacles. Age is not. If you decide at 90 years old that you want to be a MMA champion, although you may train and develop the skills you need to fight in the cage, there will be no living opponents in this age category. It won’t be a good idea if you dream to become a sniper after you’ve already lost your sight, eighter. In all the other areas of personal development, age is just a number and it’s never too late do discover your vocation and monetize it. Continue reading “Age – The False Limit”


Fear is the obstacle on our way to success we are going to analyze today.

Many people are blocked by fear, and fear has many faces.

Fear it’s a natural defense mechanism, directly linked to the survival instinct. It’s natural to be afraid if you’re a gazelle chased by a lion – it triggers adrenaline that helps you run faster and increases your chances to survive.

The problem occurs when the fear works against you. An IT engineer would say it’s a bug or virus that has corrupted fear’s correct algorithm and now we have to deal with all kind of fears of no use.

Let’s take a closer look: Continue reading “Fear”

Social Programming

Social Programming

Social Programming is like a virus that has infected your mind. As I said in the previous article, some wise psychologists studied and concluded that there are 12 main obstacles on your way to finding and monetizing your vocation, and social programming is one of the biggest.

Social programming is the shampoo used to wash your brain. Washing our brain wouldn’t be a bad thing if it cleaned the wrong ideas we learned, the bad habits, the guilt and shame feelings that poison our lives. But guess what? You wouldn’t be a mild sheep anymore… Continue reading “Social Programming”