Can Books Really Change Lives?

Yes! Books have the power to change lives.

The reader’s life and through his actions, the lives of those around him. I’m not only talking about those books that demand you to obey, believe without thinking or kill those who dare to address God using another name than the one stated in the “holy” book. Continue reading “Can Books Really Change Lives?”

Are You Really Gonna Leave the Money on the Table?

Have you ignored email marketing so far?

If you hear voices out there claiming that the old saying, “The money is in the list” is outdated and the email marketing is dead, you shouldn’t doubt your mental sanity. These voices are real, but it doesn’t mean they’re right.

Yes, we have our emails flooded with spam, but in spite of this sad truth, email marketing is still a must for any digital entrepreneur that doesn’t want to leave the money on the table. Continue reading “Are You Really Gonna Leave the Money on the Table?”