Wild Wolves Success Academy is not about me

It’s about you and for you. I’ve created this community because I believe you have the wild wolf spirit inside you. It just needs to be woken and helped to grow stronger.

Long ago, some wolves accepted human authority in exchange for a safe, guaranteed, not hunted meal. In exchange for it, they protected the humans, accepted to be tied and pull human’s sledges, until they finally got scared of their own wildness, unable to hunt and survive on their own. This was the first form of employment.

It was a matter of choice that led to the appearance of dogs and later, more and more people adopted this doggie attitude and start to work and obey other people in exchange for safe guaranteed meals. 90 percent of humans live in poverty and work for the other 10 percent. A huge brain-washing machine, designed to keep us humble and submissive, was developed throughout human history and still works to keep us in the mild stupid sheep mode.metallica-wolf-attitude

You wouldn’t have associated Metallica with the self-improvement movement, admit it! Yet, these old wolves are living examples of success and rebellion, and there is a lot to be learned from their songs.

Free wolves have survived in the wildness

They have been there for millions of years. Free humans have survived too, in spite of all this social programming, taxes and other difficulties they had to bear. They refused the chain and managed to preserve their financial independence as free entrepreneurs – farmers, merchants, and other independent professionals.

The wildness is scary, and the freedom has become scary, too. That’s the reason why Wild Wolves Success Academy was created – to help you overcome your fears, learn new skills and step out of the comfort zone, step out in the wildness, step out and live free. There are a lot of learning resources here and there will be more, shared in articles, emails, and downloadable products. They are meant to empower your free wolf spirit and arm you with practical skills and the knowledge you need to reach your independence and live a free fulfilled life.

Day by day, the pack will grow bigger and stronger. If what you read here touched something inside you, that something is the dormant wolf. Stay close, join the Academy and learn your way to the freedom.

Are you ready?

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