What Sends Them on the Battlefield?

Muse for success

It’s wrongly said that behind every successful man is a powerful woman. The idea is correct, but the woman’s position is in front of the man because the only useful or pleasant things she can do behind the man is to scratch his back or to give him a relaxing massage.

Now, somebody please help that feminist with a Paroxetine pill and a glass of water before any useless stroke occurs. The main idea is not that every successful man carries a tick that sucks his resources. What I want to point out is that man’s success is often determined by a very feminine and erotic motivation, sometimes even before the muse becomes aware of her role, even before the man gets into her life.

How many shy guys, burned by untold passions, dedicated their lives, time, energy and effort to deserve the love of a woman that either had no clue or didn’t care, a woman that, in many cases, didn’t deserve such a sacrifice?

During our lives, the muses and the main targeted goals may change, but their presence determines the course of our journey. Between the muses, the man floats drifting, hunts casual sex and looks for his direction. As teenagers, we enter the gym or the martial arts dojo, ambitiously working to transform ourselves into the group’s Alpha Man and attract the bikini’s owners around there. When we grow older, we become aware of the aphrodisiac effect that social status brings and struggle to gain financial independence.

In the meantime, some girls carefully measure young men’s perseverance and ambition, analyzing their success potential, then choose young hopes and stay beside them, although momentarily their financial status is poor. These women are the future wives of successful men. Others, who didn’t early book their place beside a successful man, hunt the rich bachelors and domesticate them, after a short but expensive visit to the Church.

We should understand that these women don’t take advantage of our success, they help us accomplish it. If the man weren’t driven by the desire to be appreciated by his loved lady, he wouldn’t be able to dedicate so much work and energy and reach his maximum potential. Success means focus, work, effort, and perseverance. Without the burning desire to be your lady’s champ, you would get stuck in the Comfort Zone, uselessly drifting between beer bottles, computer games, and loser friends.

The coquette that made you feel she will only take off her bikini for the future CEO, prime prosecutor, judge, senator or national champ is now the wife that choose your tie and encourages you right when you mostly need it, the lover that turns off your phone and notebook and gets you out from time and stress for a whole afternoon, the woman that allures you in the garden of passion and makes you feel the only man in the Universe. The only one that counts for her. The only one that deserves to be her children’s father.

A special guy that I don’t personally know, but seems to be extremely concerned about my lucidity, commented on a prior article that I am on a pussy trance. He amused me. What I’m trying to point out here is the fact that we, the masculine population of the planet, should, for our own sake, get conscious of the importance of the woman beside us and respect, appreciate and love her as she deserves – slowly, deeply and frequent – assuming the risk that we all might get into that pussy trance.

Of course, I’m writing all these thinking about my wife! She has gone shopping with my car and I’m afraid she might perform some full-contact style parking, so I’ll keep thinking about her until she gets back home.

Author: Bogdan Andronachi

Founder of Wild Wolves Success Academy. Writer, instructor, and coach in the personal development field. Passionate about applied psychology, self-improvement, blogging and kickboxing.

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