Do You Pay the Stupidity Tax?

Madonna with Child

A few years ago, an article on the alcohol or heroin sedation of babies used in begging became viral on the net. The reaction I had at the time was something like, “Wow, look, somebody finally discovered the hot water!” It seemed to me a stale subject, a reality that was too well known by everyone. Wrong. I was so damn wrong! If the secrets of begging would be known by everyone, this industry based on the stupidity of the merciful would have faced bankruptcy. But that doesn’t happen. Merciful people are there, they pay the stupidity tax, then cry out that the cops don’t do their job to fight the phenomenon.

Merciful people are the species of idiots who think God takes the bribe and who think that giving money to beggars regularly is a kind of investment that will help them book a place in heaven. For others, less concerned with the afterlife, mercy is a sort of self-satisfaction at the moral level – makes them feel good, human, concerned about the affliction of others.

An average beggar produces at least $200 on a working day or about $ 20 per hour. This means that in every hour of work, about 100 merciful people give it an average of 20 cents. If we multiply this figure by the number of active beggars in the country, we get a headache when we begin to realize how many fools surround us. In conclusion, it’s not a stale subject.

The Begging Management

Begging is a pyramid organized activity, on areas, points of high traffic and begging methods. Beggars who work at traffic lights, churches, on means of transportation, markets, and other crowded places, they are all coordinated by some area bosses, who guarantee both the area for begging and the protection, as well as the beating at the end of the day, if they don’t reach their target.

These bosses are subordinated to “lieutenants,” members of the criminal clan who controls the area. The criminal activity of the clan is often not limited to the exploitation of beggars, but also includes pimping, usury, drug trafficking, the collection of protection fees, and the whole range of organized crime that can occur in the controlled area. The head of the clan then pays approximately 50% of his income to secure his “back”(senior police officers, prosecutors, judges and, above all, politicians).

If you read on the net how profitable the begging is, and you decide to start your career as a beggar tomorrow, you either go to the woods or in the desert where you see no human, or you get beaten within one hour of coming, or you pay to be allowed to practice in the chosen location. The criminal who manages a certain area knows very well how much money can be made, for example, in front of a church. He knows how much he can demand from the one who works there. The concern of the criminal is to get the best results of every begging area, so the beggar who is not able to produce enough in a good area is immediately replaced.

Similar to the case of prostitutes, criminals use to rotate beggars from several begging points to other within the same criminal’s zone because the merciful will not endlessly give money to the same beggar, with the same lines. They must be given variety, and because people’s routes are generally the same, it becomes necessary to “rotate the employees”. There are also exchanges, rentals, and sales between criminals, both of beggars, and of begging zones.

Operating Modes (Begging Methods)

Madonna and Child

By far the meanest begging method, “Madonna and Child” is also the most effective in sensitizing the merciful. We all feel that our heart is breaking when we see those little babies carried in cold weather in the crossroads or in the subway or buses, but it seems hard to understand for some of us that if we give money to the “Madonnas”, we only proliferate the phenomenon.Madonna and Child

It’s true that the babies used for begging are sedated with alcohol or sleeping pills (and sometimes heroin), in order to sleep all the time they are used for begging. Usually, beggars put vodka or rum in the milk used to feed the baby in the morning, then little pieces of bread with rum or liqueur at lunch. Others prefer to give dissolve sleeping pills in milk or tea and give it to the baby. The effect of these substances on the baby’s body is disastrous, and many of them die during working hours. The beggar uses the baby’s corpse until the end of working day. Then, it’s the responsibility of her bosses to provide her another baby for the next day.

Few beggars use their own children for begging. The babies are usually rented for about $10 to $20 per day or even bought from their mothers right after birth. These children are not declared at birth, so they officially do not exist. If they die, criminals just get rid of the body, and that’s all.

These children are registered only when the cops take the “Madonnas” and they are placed in orphanages. The hard job is to prove that the baby was given for begging purposes. The mother states that she didn’t know anything, she just let another woman look after him as she had no time, the beggar states that she wasn’t begging, she just walked on the streets with the baby when some bad and abusive cops forced her to get into the police car, beat her and took away the baby. Same brave citizens that accuse cops of abuse, never see anything because they are afraid of criminals, so there usually are no witnesses, and the cops work in vain, while some wise guys get rich from exploiting babies for begging, then secure their positions by sponsoring electoral campaigns…

Have you ever thought that those “gifts” you received as an electoral bribe, came from a 3 months old baby, that was deadly drunk and carried on the streets by some 13 years old beggar that can’t be charged?

Using infirmities

Some infirmities used to practice begging are real, and others have been provoked to beggars exactly for this purpose.

There are a lot of simulants, too. Burns are actually a mix based on tomato juice, applied to the skin. Twisted walking is learned and trained, and daily practice goes to extremely credible results.
A lot of so-called infirms prove to be extremely good athletes, when they are chased by cops and need to run.Beggar faking infirmity

Fake invalid disclosed

The monk

This modus operandi requires specific clothes, a godly language and a notebook in which they write the names of the fools that pay, pretending they will mention them in special prayers. The Monastery that needs your money doesn’t need to really exist, it just needs a name, because the merciful pays anyway.

Money for the ticket

This method is used near the railway stations or bus stations. They mainly use mature women, dressed poorly, and the story is that they have an ill relative in hospital, they had to spend all their money to bribe the doctor or to buy medicine, and they need little money, one or two dollars, in order to buy the ticket and return home. They never ask for the whole price of the ticket, they always need “only one dollar”.

The Charity Organization

Props they use:

  • A folder with papers. Some even carry false documents of fictive organizations, other only carry papers and run away when some suspicious guy asks to read them.
  • Pictures of ill babies, that brake your heart only by looking at them
  • A table they fill with the name and the sum paid by the fool. Some even give false receipts, but the table is always there, as it has its role in manipulation. There are always more pages already filled, so the merciful sees that others have already contributed and donates at least as much as those written in the upper rows of the table.

Nowadays, this method is also used shamelessly on the internet, mainly on Facebook, and fools pay right in the crook’s bank account. There are situations when the picture of the same ill baby is used by several crooks.

There are plenty of methods. In my town there is a heroin addict that speaks English fluently, pretends that she is a Serbian student of psychology, she came to attend a seminar, and his handbag was stolen along with her passport, money, and insulin. She shows her veins to convince her victims that she is diabetic. She “borrows” a little sum of money to go to the town where the seminar takes place and meet her colleagues. She even insists to be given a bank account in which she will return the money.

Criminal’s imagination has no limits, but it’s not an excuse for the stupidity of those who feed this industry. No one can prevent us from keeping our money in the pockets, starting today.

Author: Bogdan Andronachi

Founder of Wild Wolves Success Academy. Writer, instructor, and coach in the personal development field. Passionate about applied psychology, self-improvement, blogging and kickboxing.

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