Can Books Really Change Lives?

Yes! Books have the power to change lives.

The reader’s life and through his actions, the lives of those around him. I’m not only talking about those books that demand you to obey, believe without thinking or kill those who dare to address God using another name than the one stated in the “holy” book.

In any field, there are some peaks that can be seen from far away, some individuals that earn as much as the sum of all their colleagues’ income. You may have nothing to do with medicine, but you surely know a doctor’s name, who always has hundreds of patients waiting at his door, with hope in their eyes. You may know a lawyer that saves hundreds of men every year from getting homeless after the divorce. Just look around you and you’ll see this kind of people in any field. As I said, they can easily be seen from far away. These people are the artists of their profession.

Do you want to become the best in your field?

You need to start learning again. You need to add a little extra effort on daily basis, because simply practicing a profession, without continuous learning, gets you stuck in routine and capping.

You have an endless capacity to learn and sharpen your skills in your profession. You have more memory and intelligence than you can ever use in your entire life. You are smarter than you can even imagine.

There is no obstacle you cannot overcome, no problem that you can’t solve and no goal you can’t reach if you properly use your mind.

Your mind is like a muscle

It gets stronger only if you use it. You need to workout to build strong muscles, and also need to train your mind. The good news is that the more you learn, the easier it gets to learn, in the same way that, the more you practice a sport, the better you become.

The worthies are lifelong learners. Continuous learning is the minimum requirement to reach success in any field. You have to commit to becoming a learner for the rest of your life.

Yes, you are busy and exhausted, you come home from work tired, and your wife and kids dry you of your last drop of energy. That’s true, but you’ll see that continuous learning is not that hard. It’s just another habit you have to build.

To learn effectively for the rest of your live, you just need to do 3 things:

1. Read something specific to your profession for one hour every dayRead every day one hour

This will sum up one book/week, which translates into 50 books/year. In the next 10 years, you will read 500 books in your field, provided they will have been written. Reading is for the mind as the workout is for the body.

Considering the fact that the average adult reads less than a book/year, if you will keep your pace and read one book/week, you’ll soon become an acknowledged authority in your field. You’ll be the most competent and best-paid expert in your profession, just because you studied one hour/day.

2. Listen to audio programs while you driveListen and learn

We spend in our car or in subway/bus in average 2 hours/day, which translates into 480 hours/year. If we divide these 480 hours to 40 (the usual weekly legal working hours), we find out that we spend in traffic 12 weeks, exactly one university semester. It’s a lot of time, a time we usually waste listening to music or worse, being fed up with commercials on the radio.

Use this precious time to listen to audio programs. This is definitely the wisest way you can use any kind of audio player. You can listen to these programs in the subway, on the bus or while you drive. You can’t even imagine how many people have changed their lives due to audio programs. It’s considered to be the most important step in the evolution of education since the man created the first printing machine.

Due to the fact that audio-books are still on the pioneer stage in many countries, it’s possible to be quite difficult to find educational programs in your field, recorded in your native language. This shouldn’t stop you. On the contrary:
You can buy/borrow them in English or other languages you understand, and listening to them will also help you improve your level of knowledge in that foreign language.
Considering the fact that listening in a foreign language is harder, when you feel that you’re tired and lose your focus, you can switch to educational programs in your native language, which will help you regardless of your profession.

3. Attend courses and seminars that can help you improve the skills you need in your professionJoin courses

This is a more expensive form of training, but interacting with an expert will help you to add new perspectives and more clarity to the knowledge you get from reading books and listening to audio programs. All the big corporations understood it, and no matter how tough their business might be, they invest in their employee’s training through courses and seminars. You need to understand their importance, too, and invest in your own training if you want to join the elites.

Are you ready? Here are the first steps:

  • Determine how much do you spend on a night out with your friends, then quit one night out every month and save the money for your education. It will save you from one headache in the morning after and will add some value to your life. It’s time to invest in your self. You can access more educational resources than you’ll ever have time to learn, at a cheaper price than a night out. Don’t you believe me?
  • Get Amazon Prime. You’ll get unlimited access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks, plus free shipping for your Amazon shopping, free music, and movies and other special deals for $10.99/mo, with 30-day free trial. More so, if you own an EBT card, you’ll pay only $5.99/mo, and if you are a student, they offer you 6 months free trial and half the monthly price after the trial period.
  • Join Skillshare Premium Membership – You’ll get access to over 17.000 online courses for only $8/mo, after 2 months free trial.
  • Use the rest of the money to chase other books, online courses or webinars. For example, once or twice per month, Udemy use to release all the courses hosted on this platform for only $10 or $15 regardless of their regular price.
  • Join Wild Wolves Success Academy. There will be a lot of free resources posted here and you don’t want to miss them. Subscription form is on the side bar ==>
  • Buy an e-reader. It will allow you to read ebooks without harming your eyes. You’ll save the health of your eyes, the money you would have spent on paper books and a lot of trees at the same time.
  • Share this article with your friends. Some of them will be receptive and will join you on your journey toward success. The others will get lost along the way, so their opinion just doesn’t matter.

Author: Bogdan Andronachi

Founder of Wild Wolves Success Academy. Writer, instructor, and coach in the personal development field. Passionate about applied psychology, self-improvement, blogging and kickboxing.

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  1. Of course, can. Reading makes you smarter, it’s a good way for self-improvement. I read 2-3 books a week and it helps me a lot to grow my career. If you want to train reading skill and get more knowledge from reading try Readlax Chrome Extension. It’s free. Just try.

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