The Tool Makes the Difference

Tool matters

Whatever some may say, in many situations, the tool makes the difference. First, when you now you have the proper equipment, the mood to use it comes right away. Then, when you know it won’t let you down, you’re relaxed and give your best shot. You make a big impression!

The tool has to last long. All the envious folks out there think I’m bragging, but mine lasts for 8 hours easily. Other’s people tools last less than TV commercials, but mine has more autonomy than the Szekely Land.

The tool must be durable. I use it to do my job without problems in any conditions, in winter or in summer, on the train, in the car, on the kitchen table. I didn’t try it in the fridge, but I think I could handle it even there.

The tool needs to be always available for you to use it, day and night. You need to hit it easily, even in the dark.

The tool must be stirrable, meaning that you should be able to perform no matter how strong the shocks and trepidations that it has to endure are. If you like hardcore, just grab it firmly and enjoy the ride. Everything is fine.

It’s not big, just enough to get noticed. It’s not good if it’s too big because you have to carry it with you wherever you go and it must fit anywhere you may want to put it in.

The tool has to be beautiful, for you to be proud when you show it. I still think that mine is the most beautiful. Wanna see it? Click here!

Come on! Admit that you loved it! It worths all the money, especially when you get it for free, and if you don’t live extremely long, you’ll have it for a lifetime. It’s not that it might break, but it gets morally obsolesced. The next models will be pliable, to the size of a chewing gum pack, and fitted with a telescopic handle, to be used as an umbrella when it rains.

Now, all kidding aside, we are too poor to afford cheap things, especially when it comes to the tools we use to earn our living. Don’t compromise on quality, because you will diminish your efficiency and you’ll lose money. More money than you would have invested buying a quality product.

Author: Bogdan Andronachi

Founder of Wild Wolves Success Academy. Writer, instructor, and coach in the personal development field. Passionate about applied psychology, self-improvement, blogging and kickboxing.

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