Early Bird Catches the Worm

Early bird is a cock

The early bird catches the worm… the ending of this old saying suffered various adjustments along the time, more or less tendentious, like for example:

The early bird…

  • …has slept in the bed of other man’s wife
  • …sleeps with all the chicks
  • …takes a nap after lunch
  • …is yawning all day long
  • …drinks an extra coffee
  • …sleeps less

Appart from these funny adjustments, waking up early is one of the most effective and less obvious secrets on Time Management. We will understand the benefits of this habit while we get through the stages we need to get through to install it.

5 Steps to The Early Bird Habit

1. Most of the people inflamed by motivational stuff or other spasms of enthusiasm act in the “Heave a hoy” style, without any prior preparation, wake up at the crack of dawn, crawl tired and unproductive all day, then quit saying, “I’m definitely not an early bird!“. The wise people start by signing their children in at a sports club or taking them out to play until they are tired enough to fall asleep at least half an hour earlier than usual. Those who have no children, get directly to step 2.

2. Set up the alarm clock half an hour earlier than usual.

3. After the children fall asleep, instead of losing your life in front of the television or on Facebook, jump on your wife and give her good reason for waking up in a great mood in the morning after. If you’re a girl, wake up the beast beside you and enjoy his wildness. Riding is not only good for family life, but will also help you fall asleep half an hour earlier. This way, it will be easier for you to wake up earlier in the morning, because:

  • sleeping duration is the same
  • after sex sleeping is more profound and restful
  • the difference is only half an hour.

4. Use this half an hour for a quick workout – 5 minutes dressing up, 20 minutes moderate effort (running, biking, jumping rope etc.), 5 minutes undressing, then your usual morning routine. If you feel tired in the evening, you can miss the riding and get right to sleep (if your loved one allows this).

5. After two weeks, your body will have got used to the morning effort, so you should go to sleep and wake up 5 minutes earlier, and add 5 minutes to your workout. Do this every two weeks, until you reach 50 minutes workout.

Positive example and enthusiasm are contagious. Encourage your spouse if he/she wants to follow your example. Training partners motivate and push each other forward.

To prevent over-training, alternate your workouts, according to the wheater forecast, too (one morning running, the next morning biking and so on). “According to the wheater forecast” does not mean jumping rope all the winter indoor. Outdoor running, even if it’s raining or snowing, it’s great for your health and mood.

Online Profit

After the first month, there will be visible changes:

  • You obviously have more energy and stamina than your colleagues
  • Even after working hours, you still have enough energy for shopping, housekeeping, cooking or spending time with your kids and spouse.
  • Your weight issues get solved by themselves, without paying so much attention to your diet. Without even noticing, because of your new routine, you eat good breakfasts and never late dinners
  • Your general health gets better – you feel great
  • You’re in a good mood and relaxed, while your colleagues are stressed an negatively loaded by bosses’ pressures. For this reason, you’ll be asked with phony concern if you saw your doctor, as the reason for your weight loss may be an illness. In the meantime, they will gossip on your back that you’re on drugs and this is the cause of your good mood and weight loss.
  • The negative load you use to bring home from work has just disappeared and all your family is happy that you’re no longer tired, stressed and grumpy
  • Your libido rise up and your sex life gets kinky
  • If your kids join a sports club, they grow up healthy and spend less time on the television and video games.
    The only side effect of this lifestyle might be that you’ll cancel the contract with your television provider, whose services you’ll consider to be useless, even harmful, as they consume a very precious and nonrenewable resource – TIME.

Author: Bogdan Andronachi

Founder of Wild Wolves Success Academy. Writer, instructor, and coach in the personal development field. Passionate about applied psychology, self-improvement, blogging and kickboxing.

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