Writing Whores – The Truth about Writers’ Prostitution

Writing whores

Writing Whores – you may think the title is purposefully brutal, or you may have a hard time understanding the notion. I’ll make it clear.

Let me ask you a question – what’s the difference between being paid for writing about a topic you don’t feel anything about, and a paid blow-job?
There is no brilliant performance without passion, so the customer will get a mediocre service in both cases, more so because both the classical prostitute and the writing whore despise their clients. As for the writer, he will get a one-time payment for a work he hates, which includes having to politely deal with the client’s idiotic demands.

I was there. After quitting my job, I had to pass through a very difficult period, so I did scientific projects for money. This was barely legal, because the clients were just supposed to inspire from my work, not to use it as their own project to get a bachelor or master’s degree. That’s exactly what they did. I provided them the projects, they fraudulently passed their exams, got their degree, and now they occupy management positions according to their studies – as if there weren’t enough stupid bosses, I helped more stupid people climb the social ladder. This is intellectual prostitution. I sold my knowledge. Other writers sell their creativity writing books, blog posts, false testimonials, and emails for others.

The client takes your work and publishes it as his own creation. You get paid for this lie. The clients feel the need to be in control, they’ve paid you, so they think they have to assure that your work will worth the money. The problem is that they often don’t have a clue about what they should ask you, so they are worse than a nagging wife – they complain about silly things, have stupid demands and it’s a huge effort to stay calm and be creative in this circumstances.

Ghost-writing and other forms of paid writing may be a temporary solution for debutant freelancers, or a way to get through a difficult period without having your house being sold by the banks, but it’s not a long term solution.

That’s right, you don’t have mandatory working hours and you can work almost everywhere, as long as you don’t have to do your research in the library. From this point of view, it’s better than having a job, but clients are worse than your ex-bosses, and you poison yourself doing a job you don’t love. More so, if you sell yourself cheap, you end up overwhelmed, exhausted and terrorized by deadlines.

The only long term solution is to write what you love and monetize your gift. It’s the only way to enter into that state of flow and create brilliance. If you do it with passion, it will be awesome and you’ll be rewarded for the value you created. If you write for others, you’ll always produce mediocre products and you’ll have to sell them cheap.

Another very important aspect is the difference between active income and passive income. When you write for others, you get paid only once, and they sell the product. You get the active income, they get the passive. The book you wrote now feeds them, and they do nothing except maybe advertising. On the other hand, if you sell your own work, you’re the one who gets the passive income – you worked once, then you get paid for a lifetime, or even more, as people will buy your work even after you will have jumped in the wooden box.

I’ve just heard you asking, “But who will buy my book? I’m not famous!”

That’s right. You are not famous and you can’t be famous as long as your work is published by some illiterate jerks with their name on the cover. You have to learn to sell yourself. Invest in learning digital marketing and constantly build your authorship, your personal brand.
You can be a whore without selling your ass or your mouth on the streets. There are other forms of prostitution too. Look at all those media whores that call themselves “Journalists”. All they do is to lie us according to political demands and chase sensational to sell their advertising time better.

Look at the politicians – it can’t be a better example.

It’s a shame to waste your talent getting stuck in the writing prostitution zone. Remember, “Freelancer” is a composed word – it has the word Free in it, so give it its meaning, create and live free!

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Author: Bogdan Andronachi

Founder of Wild Wolves Success Academy. Writer, instructor, and coach in the personal development field. Passionate about applied psychology, self-improvement, blogging and kickboxing.

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  1. Politicians are bitches paid by the damn Jews that own the banks. They pay the journalists to lie. Its a chain of prostitution.

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