The Origin of Chains

Origin of chains

Long before we got down from trees and started to pretend we were wiser than the rest of the mammals, those who ruled the groups, the dominant males, had invented the rules.

Those dominant males were not at all driven by the will to ensure the general harmony or the prosperity of the group, but by their primal needs – they wanted to be the first to eat, sure to be fully fed when they finished a meal, they wanted that nobody touched their women and children, they wanted that nobody dared to confront them, not to be forced to risk a fight that could cost their lives. There is no difference between those dominant males and the politicians, isn’t it?

In order to satisfy their needs, dominant males invented rules and impose them through the force of fear. The punishment for those who disobeyed the rules of the dominant male was the rejection from the group, and, in the wildness, it meant either to die starving, or to die eaten by other animals that had your species on their menu. Obedience meant survival – those who obeyed the rules were far from living as happy and fulfilled as the bosses that invented them, but they lived, and that deeply seeded in the herd’s brains the idea that the rules are good for all the members of the group and for the group itself, too.

There was only one alternative, for the strong and brave ones – to become dominant males themselves, either defeating the leaders, or dividing the group and take some of the members.

The difference between humans and the rest of the mammals was that, when we scratched our heads, we not only unloaded the fleas that travelled fraudulently, but also tried to understand the outer world, because scarier than the scary things are those scary things we don’t understand – we needed an explanation, so we invented gods, demons, dragons, and devils, whom we make responsible for earthquakes, floods, lightning, storms and finally for our enemy’s successes and our own failures. If we have scapegoats, why not?

Once these fantastic characters entered our lives, some wise asses thought that their lives would get better if the pretended, not only that they were able to communicate with gods and demons and voice their commandments, but that they could persuade them, sometimes. The herd got fooled, so a new profession appeared, one that assured the individual who practiced it a special position in the group, due to his relations with gods.

The wizard of the tribe, ancestor of the present-day priests, was the one who turned the quackery into the first world’s profession, not the poor whores, because although even during the monkey age there were females that got fucked for bananas, the blow-job as a way of subsistence appeared later, in larger communities, not in the twenty person group in which the wizard professionalized himself.

The myth of “The oldest world’s profession” might have been created exactly by a priest that wanted to hide the real roots of his profession through this manipulation.

Let’s get back to the dominant males though, because after the wizard invented himself, one of these males, a quite atheist one, proved a cleverness that deserves all our attention.

What did he think?

Idea no. 1: What if some of my rules, especially the less popular and those harder to impose, would be served to the crowd disguised in Gods’ commandments?

Idea no. 2: If my stupid people would think that my dad was possessed by the God of grapes when he screwed my mother and inseminated me, wouldn’t this increase my authority, as being directly descended from Gods?

Smelling the huge potential of those ideas, the chief called the wizard and made the proposal: In return for some important privileges, the wizard would fool the crowd according to the chief’s ideas. This historical moment, although not precisely pointed, marks two events of a huge importance in the history of mankind:

  • the beginning of the collaboration between Church and the political power in order to control the masses
  • the birth of monarchy (the “Blue blood” concept has its origin in the supposed divine descendence of the chiefs).

Thousands of years passed, and chiefs, kings, pharaohs, and emperors utter laws in their own interest, which they inoculate in the crowd’s conscience with the help of various religions’ priests. Some of this laws are not at all to our advantage, but we are forced to accept, through a triple pressure:

  • from inside, through the feelings of fear, shame, and guilt that we have already had installed in our beliefs system
  • directly, through threatening with hell, divine anger, and other disasters, in opposition with the divine mercy in case we obey
  • indirectly, through the herd, your already brain-washed entourage.

This latter form of pressure is extremely powerful and it proves its efficiency especially on those that resisted the influence of the first two flows of pressure – I myself admit that I endured the marriage ceremony and I baptized babies, too young to consciously join a religion, solely because of the pressures from my family.

The perversity is that the main method used by the religion to manipulate us is the inoculation of the guilt feeling, which you cannot fight – it gets you sick, it ruins you from inside until you fall. The good and the evil were replaced in the collective conscience with the rules induced by religion, so we feel guilty for not obeying them as if we have really done something bad, though it isn’t so.

One of the thickest chains we have to break is inside us, around our soul…

The only way to break the chains that tie us as the cows and prevent us to live like lions is the UNDERSTANDING of their mechanism. Let’s analyze them and regain our strength and freedom!

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Author: Bogdan Andronachi

Founder of Wild Wolves Success Academy. Writer, instructor, and coach in the personal development field. Passionate about applied psychology, self-improvement, blogging and kickboxing.

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  1. Religion is the only thing that saves our souls in this dirty world. Turn your face to The Lord and save your soul before it’s too late!

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