JOB (Just Over Broke)

JOB - Just Over Broke

Another obstacle in our way to success, closely linked to money, is a job to pay the bills.

There are many people that say, “I don’t have time to discover my vocation, to look for my natural talents or to carry out any project because I’m very busy, I have a job that takes away all my time and sucks all my energy.”

Well, there are two ways here:

1. Quit your job tomorrow and you will suddenly have all the time just for you.

2. Keep on working there and try to find one, two or three hours daily for finding your vocation. That’s the safe way.

The third way is to do nothing and keep on living the same life, but I won’t talk about it because I’m sure you don’t want it anymore.

So, we have two ways:

The radical one – to simply quit what you’re doing and start your journey toward your vocation, or the safe one – you try to make a soft transition from your job to monetizing your passions and talents.

The second way seems wiser, but unfortunately, it’s unlikely to put it into practice. We, the humans, are built in such a way that we take action only when we’re under pressure, negatively motivated by danger, pain or suffering.

When was the last time you visited your dentist for a regular check out? You’re going to the dentist only when you can’t bear the pain any longer.

No pain = No emergency = Procrastination

It’s the same in all the areas of our lives. You won’t take actions unless the pain is stronger enough.

I know a lot of fellows that are perfectly conscious. They know they have to discover their talents, to change their lives, to do what they like and make money out of it, but though keep their safe decent job, pay their bills and go out on weekends, without any changes in their lives.

The years pass, and you ask them, “When are you going to do something?

“Yes, I will do it…next year… next month… I’m trying, I’m thinking…” These people lie themselves, they won’t do anything, unless they get fired, the company fails or they get through a real crisis. They will only change their life when the suffering will push them.

I have a friend that runs a small company, and she had an employee that was madly into tuning cars. He bought cars, fixed, tuned and sold them, he had plenty of passionate clients and not enough time.

One day, as they get along very well, he asked her if she could allow him a two months unpaid vacation, to try to develop his business with cars, and if he failed, she would accept him back in the same position.

She told him then, “I’d let you come back, but if you’d know that, you wouldn’t be determined enough to give your best on your business. It’s better for you to forget about coming back, then you’ll do everything to make it work.”

Hortensio Cortez burned his ships before the battle. For his army, there was no turning back. His soldiers had to win or die, so they fought like devils and won. Man fights best with his back against the wall.

I chose the hard way. I don’t know which way will you choose, but I know you don’t want the third, so act now, today!

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Author: Bogdan Andronachi

Founder of Wild Wolves Success Academy. Writer, instructor, and coach in the personal development field. Passionate about applied psychology, self-improvement, blogging and kickboxing.

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