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Social Programming

Social Programming is like a virus that has infected your mind. As I said in the previous article, some wise psychologists studied and concluded that there are 12 main obstacles on your way to finding and monetizing your vocation, and social programming is one of the biggest.

Social programming is the shampoo used to wash your brain. Washing our brain wouldn’t be a bad thing if it cleaned the wrong ideas we learned, the bad habits, the guilt and shame feelings that poison our lives. But guess what? You wouldn’t be a mild sheep anymore…

As we see every day, this social programming systematically works to turn us into an ugly mass of enslaved zombies, designed to work and obey.

Which are the main influence factors in social programming?

Social Programming Factor no. 1: Our Parents

Most of the parents try their best to grow their children and they put all the love and effort in educating and preparing their offspring for the battle of life. In their first years, children have no other model and support but their parents. They are easy to mold.

The problem is that, in spite of their love and good intentions, your parents have been gently and constantly washing your brain since the day you were born. Why? Because they’ve been brainwashed and programmed, too. They simply pass forward what they’ve been taught.

Are your parents examples of success?

If yes, you’re lucky and you have a lot to learn from them.

If you want more from life than what your parents achieved, you won’t learn anything from them, because they can teach you only what they lived, experienced, and know.

Social Programming Factor no. 2: The School

The second factor of influence in social programming is the school. We and our parents have been molded by these schools and the sad thing is that their main purpose is not to turn us into successful people, but tamed hard workers. We learn to obey and nothing more.

I know, we were taught mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, history, literature. We build the basis for our professions. Really? Are you sure?

What are the skills you’ve developed in school?

You were only supposed to memorize, reproduce, memorize, reproduce, memorize, reproduce. This is not skill’s development, it does nothing for improving our talents, creativity, and potential. It might only improve your memory.

It’s a crime against any human being to keep her sitting in a classroom for 16 years, 6 hours per day.

That’s why kids hate school, cheat and slack as much as possible, and after graduation, pay for adult classes to learn useful skills that schools didn’t include in their curriculum.

The term “Education” comes from the Latin word “Educo” which means “Development from within“, but schools still preserve the old methods of medieval scholasticism – based on mechanical memorizing of names, dates, definitions and even poetry.

Social Programming Factor no. 3: Mass-media

This factor of influence in social programming includes television, radio, and newspapers (online or offline).

School and mass-media go hand in hand, because the educational system is financed by states. States are financed by banks, and banks are owned by the real masters of the world. Mass-media is also owned by the same masters.

So, what’s really happening?

The school molds the child to become a good consumer and routine worker in a factory, office, wherever. Then comes the mass-media and manipulate him.

Mass-media manipulates through authority figures. You watch TV and say to yourself, “They surely know that they’re talking about. They are well documented.

You see all that gang of well-groomed and well-dressed experts and analysts and you believe them, because they are supposed to know what they say.

And yes, they really know what they say – they tell you exactly what you are supposed to hear. Do you think you own the remote control? That guy on the TV has a more powerful one, and he is remote controlling you and your life – through manipulation.

They will tell you, “Buy that pill if you want to fuck like a horse!“, “Buy that car to get all the women wet!“, “You need this big house, furniture, and all the gadgets to be happy with your family and all you need to do is to take that credit!” And yes, to pay that credit you need to be employed, and to stay employed you have to work and obey, or else you’d be fired, they’d come and take your home and you would be screwed.

Well, this system is designed to keep as many people as possible enslaved in a vicious circle they can’t break out. School teaches you to obey, write a good CV and get a job. You have no prior experience, you have to accept a small salary. Too small to buy a house and a car. You go to the bank, then the trap is closed. You need that salary to pay the rates.

Can we break out from this vicious circle?

Well, the key we need in order to escape is the revealing and monetizing of our own talents, because only those who put love and passion into their work, monetize their talents and no longer depend on a job will be able to break out.

Those who escape are the people that have discovered their vocation and that’s why I’m so eager to see more and more people making that step toward their inner self. Revealing their vocation will set them free, will take away the blindness from their eyes and they will see for the first time life the way it really is.

They will gain the power to rule their own lives, and that’s what matters most. They will have the power to choose and won’t make the choices that others want to induce, in a subtle or direct way.

Social Programming Factor no. 4: The Entourage

Another powerful tool of social programming is our entourage – our friends that are also the victims of social programming. Anything you may do that sets you apart from the crowd, will trigger their immediate reaction of rejection. It’s like you’ve got a contagious disease. They may first try to cure you, but if it doesn’t work, you’ll be rejected as quickly as possible, not to spread the disease.

When you try to be different, to take action, to discover your talent, you’ll be treated like a madman. You are going to endure their pity and contempt until you win. Then, some will understand and follow you. Others will turn contempt into envy and will use your phone number only when they have to borrow some cash.

Social Programming Factor no. 5: The Religion

I know that you’ve been taught that religion is supposed to give you spiritual enlightenment, to mediate your connection to God and to reserve you a pair of wings and a comfortable little cloud in heaven, if you don’t fuck or eat meat on certain days. Some even expect to screw exactly 72 maidens on the other side, if they find a huge crowd of Christians and detonate themselves there.

What you should understand that the main purpose of religion along history was to keep the masses on “The Sheep Mode”. If the herd of mild domesticated sheep obeyed the shepherd (the King), he had no headache and could increase taxes, send them to die in wars for his greed and even be the first to bang their daughters, if they happened to look hot. That’s why the priests had (and still have) so much power, regardless of the cult they preach – because of their role in social programming, in taming and fooling the masses and preventing mutiny.

The religion’s dirty little secret is that it indirectly influence us through our entourage. I felt no urge either to get married or to have my children Christened or to baptize any children and though, I did all these useless rituals only to preserve the harmony in my family by avoiding endless contradictory discussions. What did I really do? I paid the tribute. I fed the church, to defend the peace inside my family. Although I didn’t give a shit on what the priest thought about me, I was interested to avoid a useless conflict between me on one side and my wife, our parents, and friends on the other side.

The next obstacle on the path to success is Fear. We are going to analyze it in the next article. Until then, I want to know what you feel and think about what I’ve told you today, so I’m waiting for your comments!

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Author: Bogdan Andronachi

Founder of Wild Wolves Success Academy. Writer, instructor, and coach in the personal development field. Passionate about applied psychology, self-improvement, blogging and kickboxing.