Slavery’s Heavy Chains

The Chains of Slaves in Modern Slavery

Slavery. Slave. Slaves.

I use these words – slave and slavery – a lot in my books, but I do it with a clear purpose. No one wants to be a slave, but most of us are, at least until we become aware, decide to take responsibility, and free ourselves.


What a wonderful word!

Isn’t your business who feeds you? Who pays your bills? How much do you earn? How is your love life? What about sex?

What’s your lifestyle? How much do you weight? Do you feel happy, and fulfilled everyday?

Do you think that you are responsible for all this things?

If not, someonelse will take care.

That’s how you become a slave!

The Government takes care of you, your food, and your shelter. PornHub takes care of your sex life. The banks close the trap with their loans and now you work to pay them back.


Let’s make things clear. To know me better, I’m going to tell you how I was a slave, too.

I was raised by two wonderful parents. They loved me and they wanted to give me the best education, but they grew and worked most of their life in communism. They were taught that state is The Good Daddy, who takes care of everything, as long as you work and obey the regulations. The state pays you a safe salary and a pension after retirement.

They tried to pass me their convictions, that the state provides safety, while working for a private company, or worse, on your own, is uncertain and dangerous.

That working in the army or police is a safe and respected job.

That if I like a girl, I should buy her flowers and take her to a movie, to make her love me.

That it is better to search safety and don’t take risks.

So, I started my life being the slave of my own mind, of some beliefs that weren’t mine.

I went to school, and the school just enforced totally wrong convictions. I didn’t know that school, the public educational system, wasn’t supposed to launch us toward attaining what we wanted in life. The school is meant to teach us obedience in order to enroll in an industrial production system.

The school trains memory and obedience, two traits that are necessary to perform repeated tasks – to be a good slave.

Before searching for solutions, let’s see how I got to a very important conclusion.

The vicious circle

Listening to the wrong advice and having other people’s beliefs planted in my head, I was a little programmed robot who kept walking. What happened to my life?

I enrolled in the herd of zombie slaves, working all day to feed my family, pay my loans and afford one week of holiday every year.

I realized that I and all the other slaves lived in a vicious circle. We worked for just enough money to survive, selling our time and effort for money. We ran out of free time, but we didn’t earn much money.

Having no time, we can’t keep fit, we can’t educate ourselves, we can’t evolve. We can’t do things that truly fulfill our lives. We lose our friends and sometimes even our family because we have become brain-washed slaves struggling to get “Success”.


Success?!?! Do you even realize how much we were fooled and brain-washed if we called a higher position in slavery, “Success”?

Success means to live your life by your own rules. Success means to have what you want NOW. To afford what you want, to sleep or get drunk on Tuesday at 11 AM, without asking anyone for permission and without justifying. If you have to justify to someone for what you’re doing, you, my friend, are the slave of that authority.

It’s simple: the first step to success is not to be a slave anymore.

So, you have no time and money. That’s your excuse for your extra 40 pounds, “I have no time to cook. I have no money for healthy food, as it’s more expensive than fast-food.

Okay, free your time and do something else!

I have no time for my education, I work a lot for this little money, but at least I have something.

You have shit! Any slave gets cheap food to be able to work another day. Your masters won’t let you die starving. Imprisoned criminals get food in jail, too. But nothing more.

Okay, you have no time, no money, no health. These traits don’t make you attractive, so your love life sucks, too.

So you have no time, no money, no health, no love. You have no friends, you don’t experience new things, you don’t travel, you don’t walk on The Great Wall in China and you don’t do anything that you once dreamed of. Actually, you don’t do anything. Nothing interesting. You’re just a rat running the Rat’s Race.

What’s the solution?

Life style.

There’s no easy way to escape from this vicious circle of slavery through small changes.

The only way to break the chains of slavery is to free your time.

When you free your time, you can take care of yourself. You can read, train and educate yourself. You can analyze your life with an open mind. Then, knowing your talents, knowing how other free men live their lives and make money, you can follow the same path.

At that point, you can afford to evolve, to eat healthily, to travel, to love and enjoy life.

That’s what I’m doing through my books, audio programs, and courses. I help people like you to break free from this vicious circle.

Discovering, developing, and monetizing vocation is the path I know because I walked on it.

Today, we are talking about obstacles. It’s an essential step before getting to solutions.

When I studied vocation, I discovered 12 of the most common excuses that people use as motives for not discovering their vocation.

These excuses make sense only in their minds. These are only motives for not taking action. Excuses only serve to make them comfortable with their wasting of life. Action makes our life better!

Let’s list these excuses:

I’ll smash all these motives one by one in my following articles. Until then, I want to know what you feel and think about what I’ve told you today, so I’m waiting for your comments!

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Author: Bogdan Andronachi

Founder of Wild Wolves Success Academy. Writer, instructor, and coach in the personal development field. Passionate about applied psychology, self-improvement, blogging and kickboxing.