Vocation – The Sense of Life

Vocation - the life journey

What’s this thing called vocation and why is everybody so eager to learn about it?

My wife told me some time ago, “You taught them that they should discover their vocation, and now they all want to do it!”

God help me! It’s the only way to escape from the rat race – that hopeless life in which you earn so little money, live in confusion and uncertainty, being other’s prade and toy.

The truth is that the need to find vocation is as old as humanity, but too many people think that it’s related to fate, luck, or destiny, when in fact, it’s linked to their inertia.

It’s vital to have the will to work doing what you love, to make money out of it and to make your whole life congruent with your highest values and beliefs.

You only have one life to live and you must not waste it, by accepting half-measures.

Benjamin Franklin used to say, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

So, what is vocation?

It’s a combination of your natural talents, turned into abilities, sharpened to mastery, and used to serve the world. That’s the way to earn enough money, to get rich, to get respect and to make a better world. That’s the way to live a fulfilled life, like a free and happy man.

Vocation is so extraordinary because when you find it, you perfectly combine:

  • passion
  • internal motivation
  • freedom to do what you like
  • financial independence (you don’t have to work to enrich others and stay poor because of it)
  • spiritual fulfillment
  • love and gratitude from all the people you offer a better life
  • loving to live under your skin
  • freedom to fulfill your craziest dreams
  • traveling wherever you want
  • meeting people you want in your life
  • buying whatever you desire
  • doing things that dramatically change lives for the better

You may think it’s too much and too hard, according to your present situation.

Don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to discover your vocation!

Trying to explain as simple as possible what vocation is, I found, after a long time, a surprisingly simple answer.

Everybody knows what a hobby is, but “Vocation” sounds a bit complicated.

I realized that hobby and vocation have one thing in common and a thing that differentiate them. You can easily find your vocation with this simple tip:

The difference between hobby and vocation is that a hobby makes you happy, but through vocation, you don’t just make you happy, you bring happiness to other people’s lives, too.

Vocation is the professionally performed hobby. You make money doing what you love.

Let’s take a hobby and see how can it be turned into a vocation.

Let’s assume that fishing is your hobby.

As long as it only serves you, it’s just a hobby. As long as you just fish to relax, to be with your friends, have a beer, it’s just a hobby.

But if you love it so much that you decide to serve other people through your hobby, you may:

  • open a fishing store with fishing tools
  • teach newbies
  • create a community
  • sell the fish and feed the world.

You’ve just transformed your hobby in vocation and you earn money doing what you like. Now you don’t have to work anywhere else. You just work at what you’re so passionate about, for you have your money, your lifestyle and plenty of opportunities.

Another example: your wife may be passionate about cooking (you lucky bastard, watch your weight!). She may:

  • ask you to film her while she is cooking, make a cooking course and post it on learning platforms, like Udemy or Skillshare
  • create a community
  • develop a cooking blog and monetize it
  • open a cooking school for chefs

As you can see, if you are creative, there are plenty of ways to turn a hobby into a vocation. If you clearly know what’s your hobby or hobbies, you’ve already made a huge step toward your vocation.

The Hero’s Journey

Discovering vocation looks like a journey of a hero. This concept was explained for the first time by Joseph Cambell, who showed that every important thing in our lives follows some universal steps, the steps of the hero’s journey.

So does the vocation. Look at the steps:

1. The calling of adventure – many people heard about vocation, about living the passion and monetize it, about making the world a better place and so on

2. The rejection of the calling – most of the people don’t listen to the call. It’s okay. It may not be their time now, but it will be

3. The help – an old man or a magic animal, an event, or destiny, come and direct the hero to his path

4. The beginning – when the hero decides to go on his journey and takes his first step (it may be your moment right now)

5. The world of darkness – the hero faces his own soul, his thoughts, his mind and his demons

6. The challenges – there are obstacles, problems, and dangers in his way. Fear paralyzes the hero

7. The allies – it’s time for your friends and mentors to help you

8. You get what you want and believe you have reached your maximum potential

9. You refuse to come back – you have discovered your passion and you want to stay in your world.

10. The magic flying – you come back to offer your gifts to the world

11. You reach the balance between material and spiritual

12. The freedom of living comes from eliminating the fear of death – it’s a great feeling to live in the present, the ultimate earth experience, as a result of the spiritual evolution

This is how your journey will look like, if you haven’t started it yet.

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Author: Bogdan Andronachi

Founder of Wild Wolves Success Academy. Writer, instructor, and coach in the personal development field. Passionate about applied psychology, self-improvement, blogging and kickboxing.