I’m Gonna Piss You Off

Yes, I’m gonna piss you off today.

I think you forgot something. Something very important.

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for a sign from God, aliens, or Saint Johnny Walker? Sit down and take a look at your life. Ask yourself, “What’s my biggest suffering? That suffering that makes my stomach shrink, my fist clench, and the rage burst?” Continue reading “I’m Gonna Piss You Off”

The Creature in Your Room

The ladies we have beside us hide terrible secrets. At the beginning of our love stories, we are too young, too naive and too passionate to even suspect them. It’s only after marriage, when we start to learn to live together in small flats, too small for discretion and intimacy to fit in, that we begin to see the real face of the pure goddess we have chosen to be our bride. Continue reading “The Creature in Your Room”

What Sends Them on the Battlefield?

It’s wrongly said that behind every successful man is a powerful woman. The idea is correct, but the woman’s position is in front of the man because the only useful or pleasant things she can do behind the man is to scratch his back or to give him a relaxing massage. Continue reading “What Sends Them on the Battlefield?”

Marketing Manipulation – Santa Claus’s Trap for Daddies

Marketing Manipulation Case Study

Why should we care about Christmas marketing manipulation? I don’t know about you, but my family’s Santa Claus disappeared on the day my oldest son was born. I don’t know if he is in jail, or is just stuck in a pub, drinking beer, but I have been performing his duties for 10 years now, so this topic is of high interest for me, since I have to deal with the toys’ industry. Continue reading “Marketing Manipulation – Santa Claus’s Trap for Daddies”

Do You Pay the Stupidity Tax?

A few years ago, an article on the alcohol or heroin sedation of babies used in begging became viral on the net. The reaction I had at the time was something like, “Wow, look, somebody finally discovered the hot water!” It seemed to me a stale subject, a reality that was too well known by everyone. Wrong. I was so damn wrong! If the secrets of begging would be known by everyone, this industry based on the stupidity of the merciful would have faced bankruptcy. But that doesn’t happen. Merciful people are there, they pay the stupidity tax, then cry out that the cops don’t do their job to fight the phenomenon. Continue reading “Do You Pay the Stupidity Tax?”

Autumn Contest 2017

Let’s make things a little more exciting!

I will give away for free 10 copies of my $150 new book – “Mass Manipulation Secrets”, and also 10 free coupons to access my $ 95 Udemy course “Master Your Inner Power”, to the most active wolf in the Academy.

Here are the rules:

  1. Like and share this post on as many social networks as you can.
  2. Like and share one article on Wild Wolves Success Academy that you consider the most interesting.
  3. Join the Academy (the subscription form is on the sidebar =>)
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Online Profit
Provided that the mandatory criteria mentioned at points 1 – 3 would have been accomplished, I will choose the most interesting and relevant 10 reviews of the book. Their authors will be the contest’s winners.

Contest Period: October 25th – November 15th, 2017
Deliberation: November 16th – November 19th, 2017
Delivery of Prizes: November 20th, 2017.

Media Manipulation – The War of Worlds

Media manipulation at work

Media manipulation seems to have been used since the discovery of radio…

31th of October 1938 was a special Halloween for a lot of Americans. In the evening, a radio show with Spanish music was paused by breaking news that announced some unusual explosions on Mars. Then, the musical program continued. Continue reading “Media Manipulation – The War of Worlds”

Can Books Really Change Lives?

Yes! Books have the power to change lives.

The reader’s life and through his actions, the lives of those around him. I’m not only talking about those books that demand you to obey, believe without thinking or kill those who dare to address God using another name than the one stated in the “holy” book. Continue reading “Can Books Really Change Lives?”

Email Marketing Services – Who’s the Best?

I am often asked what email marketing solution is the best. Once the online entrepreneurs become aware of the power of this tool, they begin the research, looking for the best autoresponder. Continue reading “Email Marketing Services – Who’s the Best?”

Are You Really Gonna Leave the Money on the Table?

Have you ignored email marketing so far?

If you hear voices out there claiming that the old saying, “The money is in the list” is outdated and the email marketing is dead, you shouldn’t doubt your mental sanity. These voices are real, but it doesn’t mean they’re right.

Yes, we have our emails flooded with spam, but in spite of this sad truth, email marketing is still a must for any digital entrepreneur that doesn’t want to leave the money on the table. Continue reading “Are You Really Gonna Leave the Money on the Table?”